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Kutch Darshan

Day 1 - Bandra

9031 Express at 17:00 hour journey begins(travelling for 15 hours and 30 minutes).

Day 2- Bhuj

Arrival in the morning to hotel morning swachhavihar. Afternoon shopping and lunch. Visit to Hill garden and night stay.

Day 3 - Bhuj

After navkarshi, Ayna Mahal and Hamirser.

* Kakadbhat

Darshani places visit, dinner and prasthan.

* Hajipir

After greeting (2 hours journey).

* Mata Madh

Arrival at night, after dinner night stay.

Day 4 - Mata Madh

Prasthan after Lunch(travelling for 2 hours).


Visit prasthan(1:30 minutes travelling).


Worshipping Places.

*Narayan Sarovar Naliya

Worshipping place(travelling 1:30 minutes) depending on time worshipping Naliya.

Day 5 - Naliya

After breakfast visiting places Kothara, Suthri tera Jakho, Pingleshwar, Mahadev Darshan back again overnight stay.

Day 6 - Naliya

In morning after navkarshi prasthan 1 hour 30 minutes travelling.


Visit to Vijay Vilas Palace.

*72 Jinalai Bhardeshwar

Prayer afternoon lunch, rest travelling 2hours Prayer, rest(30 minutes travelling).


Worship of Jaisalpur Samathina, rest (30 minutes travelling by train).


Arrival at night overnight stay.

Day 7 - Gandhidham

Visit to Kandla port(Parvandi Adhin) rest after lunch. Worship of Ravechi Mandir visit of Purratav.


Avshoni arrival at night 22:00 hour 9032 Kach Express.

Day 8 - Bombay (Bandra)

Arrival journey complete.


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