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Durga Madekeri

Day 1: Mangalore

Welcome arrival, Transfer to hotel, bath, breakfast, after lunch at 12:30pm towards Mulbidri Dharm Sthal. (Temples + Museum) and various darshan to temples as per the availibity of the time. Returning back to hotel, rest and stay at night.

Day 2:Mangalore

After breakfast going to Medikari.

Madikari - Afternoon arrival, After lunch encounter with AB Waterfalls. Stay at Night.

Day 3: Madikari

Vatkaveri, Omkareshwar, Seat of Raja and various Drashan, rest, stay at night.

Day 4: Madikari

Morning bath, breakfast and going to Sidapur after lunch.

* Sidapur

Welcome arrival at Orange County Resort at evening. Dinner, rest and stay at night.

Day 5: Sidapur

Rest, swachvihar, food and stay at night.

Day 6: Sidapur

Darshan to various temples, rest and stay at night.

Day 7: Sidapur

After breakfast exit and going back to mangalore. Arrival in the afternoon.


Arrival in the evening yovihar stay at night.


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